American Traditional Tattoo Designs


American traditional tattoo designs using heavy blacks contours with minimal color and a lot of black shades. So usually are darker in appearance and color of your choice is limited to simple colors like medium blue, green, red and yellow. The colors are used in blocks with very few details. Furthermore, they are designed in such a way to depict the standard appears as a two-dimensional form without three-dimensional depth.

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American traditional tattoo designs are usually lacks many complicity since they were made years ago with less advanced equipment and tattoos were done quickly at the lowest prices. Many of the traditional tattoo designs are models and military and nautical themes, such as marine and military men were the main tattoo customers. This traditional style has remained popular over the years, thanks to its historical significance, its simplicity readable and traditional American roots.


To make real traditional designs, tattoo artists should work with a set of rules that will make them truly traditional tattoos. These rules mainly apply to some models and themes and how they might be colored or designed. For their basic, traditional artists use the work of the most respected and well-known pioneers in this style, such as Sailor Jerry Collins, Don Ed Hardy and Lyle Tuttle. This is the reason why many traditional views are taken directly or interpreted by the tattoo sheet drawings prepared for mass replication, known as “flash”.

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These collectors who want to get a real and fully personalized American traditional tattoo designs should be aware of these lines strict guidance of tattoo designs involve. So it is good that you choose a tattoo artist who is familiar with these guidelines and can give the traditional tattoo with a touch of yourself or of an artist. If you do not pay attention to this aspect of the traditional tattoo designs, a person can end up with a tattoo traditional “pull” or “false” to be identified by all the experts in the art of tattoo. Of course, this may not be important for you at all.