American Traditional Tattoo Sleeve


The two most popular models of American traditional tattoo sleeve are tattoo designs designs marine tattoo japanese and american. Generally, people prefer Japanese tattoo designs on their arms. These tattoos are made mainly in a very large and colorful way and look great!

Japanese Tattoo Designs The most common Japanese tattoo designs for a complete sleeve tattoo are:


Koi Fish – Koi fish are very famous for sleeve tattoos as the fish is usually very thin and forms completely around the arm. It can be easily reached in arm or sleeve complete with a little water behind the fish which makes the design immense and gorgeous.

american traditional tattoo leg sleeve american traditional tattoo half sleeve american traditional tattoo sleeve black and grey

Cherry Blossoms – Another common tattoo is cherry tree branch that is traditional American traditional tattoo sleeve. Cherry blossom branch with a long rectangular shape works perfectly by the arm to get a tattoo.

Water – typically Japanese traditional tattoos often have blue water in the background, which is often used as the sleeve tattoo designs for weapons.

Japanese or Divinities – Another popular tattoo design is from God or Japanese deities. This project is very similar, not only to weapons, but also to the shoulder.

American Arm Design Tattoo

American traditional tattoo sleeve arm include more traditional sailor tattoos and often have a feeling of old school. Common tattoos are tattoos with an American design, anchor tattoos pinup girl or even a flag or ship.

american traditional tattoo sleeve filler american traditional tattoo sleeve designs american traditional tattoo sleeve ideas

Types of tattoo arms

The category of arm tattoos is great and can include a wide range of tattoo designs, shapes and sizes, as well as designs. Here are some of the most common arm tattoos.

tattoos sleeves

Tattoo sleeves covering the entire arm, means tattoo sleeve covers an area of shoulder to the forearm and the fourth tattoo arm covers the wrist extend in the middle of the forearm. These all seem just as great sleeve tattoos so you can choose one of them.

Wrist Tattoos

Another common space to get a tattoo that is also considered an arm tattoo is on his wrist. Tribal and flames are common wrist tattoos. We will discuss more about wrist tattoos in my next articles.