Anchor Tattoo Designs for Everyone


Anchor tattoo designs have always been very popular, especially among sailors. If a person was seen wearing this type of tattoo design, he was immediately branded an experienced sailor. Besides being one of the most common, are, in fact, one of the oldest designs of tattoos.

With all the hype of all things retro, it is not surprising that they are made fashionable in the most colorful and lively designs that look cool and chic in all parts of the body. The revival of this type of tattoo has emerged from the west coast, from which the tattoo style nickname “West Coast”.

picture anchor tattoo designs for women


image anchor tattoo designs for girls


graphic anchor tattoo designs for man

So what is the story behind the Anchor tattoo designs? Because they were so famous then and they are still popular today? The story goes all the way up to the time of the first Christians, even when they claim to be one was punished by the Greek. To avoid persecution, the symbol of the cross has been quietly replaced by another. Again, it served as a secret symbol for the cross, and people chose to wear them as a subtle expression of Christianity.

There was still much later that the anchor has grown popular among seafarers. The anchors are closely associated with sailors as they use them in their line of work. A very famous and admired marine sports the tattoo is nothing more than the cartoon character Popeye the Sailorman. However, it is not only the sailors who get the anchor tattoos nowadays. It holds a much deeper meaning. It is characterized by stability and resistance. A man, not necessarily a sailor can choose to get to show the love of her life, she is the only thing that is constant and stable in it. Influential former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill is said sporting this type of tattoo too.

graphic anchor tattoo designs on foot


picture anchor tattoo designs on wrist


graphic anchor tattoo designs meaning

It’s not just men who get the Anchor tattoo designs. The design became popular with girls too. Some women are seen with tattoos of attractive sea eagle globe anchor under their collarbones, while some of them are still on the arms, biceps, chest, or all over their bodies. A small tattoo looks especially nice on the wrist of a woman. Singer Amy Winehouse has a number of anchor models tattooed on various parts of his body.

So why many people choose to get this type of tattoo, it is because they hold a lot of meaning, even in the religious and romantic sense. If you are looking to get one, there are different models available for you to choose. You can browse different websites, visit the tattoo magazines, or better yet, ask for help in finding the tattoo design that best suit your personality.