Anchor Tattoo Designs


It seems that one of the most popular trends today are tattoo designs literary tattoo or Word. People men and women written tattoos now more than ever. However, there are many different styles to choose from and so many different options before you and get your Anchor tattoo designs lettering design that you should think about how you want the police to look and what they want to write.

photograph anchor tattoo designs for women


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The Word Designs Tattoo History

We see the written words were part of tattoos for a long period of time. However, it was not until recently that the words have become the tattoo itself. It used to be that the words were used to beautify and improve the tattoo design. For example, a tattoo of an anchor could have the “Home Sweet Home” words, written under. Another example would be the classic tattoo heart with letters written under his mother. You get the idea here lettering used to be an extra room to add. However, these days tattoos lettering and literary tattoos took the main stage and are no longer part of beautification, but they are part of the tattoo itself.

Different font styles

There are many different styles of fonts and new fonts are created every day. The possibilities are endless and you can even tailor or have a custom Anchor tattoo designs designed font created for your tattoo, if you want. However, some of the common fonts used in tattooing are below. These are broad categories, and there are obviously a lot more options in each category.

image anchor tattoo designs on wrist


image anchor tattoo designs meaning

Celtic – A beautiful letters font for tattoo designs. The Celtic were the first to create illuminated manuscripts of the Bible and, therefore, had perfected the art of calligraphy. There are a few different styles that may fall under the Celtic look. These can include any letters decorated with illuminated capital to a single uncials police. There are so many options and if you get a quote or saying that is Irish, Celtic or European, you may want to consider a type of Celtic character.

Gothic – gothic course was calligraphers who wrote the Bible in the Gothic period. Gothic letters are often very ornate with lots of embellishments. This has been massively used bandit tattoos but can also be used in any type of Anchor tattoo designs design. There are a wide range of types of Gothic character all very heavy black lines in much lighter lines and fluid. Gothic fonts can often seem as big as a literary tattoo.