Anchor Tattoo Meaning


Anchor tattoo meaning were all the rage for sailors. Often it was the symbol of a very experienced sailor. anchor tattoo designs are one of the oldest types of tattoos. However, with an interest in all things retro and chic, they are back in fashion. In fact, in the field of tattoo in his complex retro tattoo designs they have been experiencing a renaissance. These retro tattoo designs are coming back to life with new more vibrant colors of tattoo designs and placements on the body. This trend originated on the west coast mostly and has even become known as the tattoo style name from the west coast.

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Retro themes in tattoo designs are especially popular with the rockabilly group.

So what is the symbolism behind the Anchor tattoo meaning design? While earlier forms of an anchor is used as a symbol to remember all the way back to the early Christians. They often use the anchor as a hidden symbol for the cross. This has often been used to show that they were Christians fleeing persecution from the Greeks.

The symbol much later became popular among sailors. This is a pretty obvious connection here is that the use of marine anchors constantly in their work.

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The anchor tattoo design has become a symbol of stability and a solid foundation. It can also mean a boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other in someone’s life. You see a man can have a tattoo of an anchor to show that his girlfriend is the stability in his life.

These have become increasingly popular for women to get and often put them right under their right collarbone on the left.

So the Anchor tattoo meaning is a great tattoo with lots of symbolism and history behind it. If you are looking for something to remember to stay grounded or want the symbolic function of a particularly stable relationship or earth then has an anchor tattoo design might be something to consider.