Back Tattoos for Girls


For over a decade, the lower back is a very popular region for girls to get tattoos. The lower Back tattoos for girls are sexy and feminine. They bring out the natural curves of the female body and draw attention to all the right places. tattoo designs lower back will probably never go out of style because of this. Show them with tank tops and low jeans, and you may have noticed for sure.

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Many unique and cool designs are available Back tattoos for girls . Check flash items at a local studio or see online image galleries. floral designs that bloom toward the outside are the ideal choice for the back: thinking of lotus flowers, roses, tulips, orchids, cherry blossoms, and so on. Other tattoos with mystical or religious properties look good on the lower back. If you are interested in a bit ‘of ancient culture then tap into their mythology for inspiration.


Script on the lower back becomes more and more popular at the moment, in particular written in oriental languages. Chinese or Arabic characters are very cool choice. The Buddhist-inspired designs, like the Hindu scripture and laughter Buddha figures, all from the Eastern culture. Maybe consider a written prayer or a traditional song in the original language, which is meaningful to you personally.

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The animals are a popular choice, from small images of a butterfly with an oversized tattoo bengal tiger on his back. Other animals are often chosen hummingbirds, horses, unicorns, dolphins, etc. Other designs like shooting stars and the angel wings are very beautiful tattoos and suggestive. Back tattoos for girls are compatible with almost any design, but a particularly nice look with images like dragons, flowers, butterflies, and Celtic crosses.

Enter a word or phrase in a complex design is also popular. It may not be obvious at first glance, but the incorporation of a unique feeling as “pride” or “faith” in a floral or tribal design customizes and makes your tattoo.