Butterfly foot tattoos


Butterfly foot tattoos are among the most sexy. They must be kept small to fit and are discreet so they are very suitable for girls who want a tattoo but do not want one who is constantly in view.

While the drawings can be created or ankle? If you want to keep them looking sexy then the skull and crossbones are definitively. Here are some of the most popular subjects to choose from.

3d butterfly foot tattoos butterfly foot tattoos design

always preferred butterflies. A small colorful butterfly is one of the sexiest models that you might have.

These small flowers are very small, but very interesting to watch. Of course, you can combine with a butterfly tattoo to make it even more special.

Chinese symbol Please make sure you know what they mean. If you do not want to have a tattoo of something really stupid like “Exit Fire” on your ankle. Someone is sure to translate it for you in the future.

small butterfly foot tattoos butterfly foot tattoos ideas

Koi Fish There are some good tattoo designs koi fish now available. I especially like the changes of yin and yang shape.

Tribal Chain It is interesting to have a model that loop around the right ankle. There are a lot of very different abstract designs to choose from and the majority of people who are simply black.

Butterfly foot tattoos are not the same as a tattoo on his arm. This can easily be hidden when not want on the screen, but when you show them, are always sexy.

butterfly foot tattoos for girls butterfly foot tattoos for women

Some people argue that hurt a bit more when they have them because the skin is thin and close to the bone so be prepared for a bit uncomfortable when your have.

The two most common Butterfly foot tattoos are the swallowtail and monarch butterflies blue. The swallowtails have spikes of very long wings, and blue and black. Monarchs are orange and have a lot of black. And ‘one of my favorites to match these two species because their contrasting color so well, and they even live in the same part of the world! So you’re right of course by combining too.

Another absolutely amazing butterfly is red spotted purple butterfly. It has many orange blue, purple and a little. “You will not see much of this beautiful butterfly tattoos less known, so you are sure to get curious.