Colorful feather tattoos


Colorful feather tattoos are just another name of fashion. It accepts new styles and trends to watch more surprising. foot tattoo gives your foot a unique look. It decorates your feet and brings beauty about them. After getting a tattoo, the dancing feet with joy. It only changes the overall of your feet that look without makeup can do.

picture colorful feather tattoos for women

The women in the world have a great fascination for the foot tattoos. Sometimes decorate their feet with stars, sometimes with flowers. The fantastic designs tattoos foot make women crazy, also draw letters with an artistic way too.


Some of the latest designs for fashion foot tattoos are:


2.Zodiac signs





7.Designs beautiful flower vines

Generally Colorful feather tattoos are more painful than getting the tattoo on other body parts. This is why this walk of art therefore is less in quantity. When a tattoo is given a little more bone is worse, while if a tattoo is given on the meat which bring any problems.

photograph colorful feather tattoos for girls impression colorful feather tattoos on hips

Decorate your feet with foot tattoo

1. The first step before getting a tattoo on the foot is to select the specific area of the foot, where it will be done. Remember that there is not much space on your feet to enjoy a great design.

2.Always trying to use a deep color on the foot. If you select a lighter hangar for tattooing, it will disappear in a short time.

image small colorful feather tattoos

3.Be attention during the time your Colorful feather tattoos are recovering. Usually, it will take 2 weeks. This is the time when you must be especially careful of the foot. keep out completely clean, use socks and shoes to protect your tattoo.

4. After getting a tattoo you can feel the swelling of the feet. Before deciding to get a tattoo, manage leave your work, so you can enjoy a foot tattoo safely.