Cool hand tattoos


The chest is a great area to get a tattoo since its an area that can be unobtrusive and discreet. And “safe to say though that the tattoo theme of the chest is more popular among men than among women. The male fans tat like them because they make their chest larger and more interesting. It adds a certain kind of sex appeal and people will surely love. The other women take to express their femininity and sexual side.

cool hand tattoos women cool hand tattoos girls

The Cool hand tattoos for men would be better displayed in cases where they can take their shirts as a beach or pool party perhaps. Here are some ideas for the design of the male crowd:


drawing old school pin up girl, heart and skull
Tribal and Celtic art
animals such as birds, dragon, lion and panther
lettering designs
angels and other religious symbol

cool hand tattoos easy cool hand tattoos for men

tattoos chest for women are bent more on girly designs with symbolic meanings and feminine styles. Some examples of beautiful designs are:

flowers and vines
stars and hearts
fairies and angels
butterfly and dragonfly
lettering and script designs

really cool hand tattoos cool hand tattoos designs

Before you decide to get this type of Cool hand tattoos, you must ensure that the design is well thought out and at least significantly to the user. Reduce opportunities to get a tattoo regret in the end. In addition, the chest is a great area to ink so there is spacious for creativity and imagination. To take advantage of possible great skill in this web of skin, it is always best to consult your artist about the design than you think. He can always give advice on how to function properly and whether it will be suitable for the position.

Cool hand tattoos for men and women can certainly make a strong statement is so subtle or dramatic depending on how his tattooed. How will release its all in your hands, to start looking for a tattoo design perfect for your chest.