Cute hand tattoos


There decades, tattoos on women were almost a taboo. Tats once meant virility and power. The girls with body art were regarded as rebels, and probably violent. However, nowadays, tattoos on girls are now often seen as stylish, trendy and cool. There is a significant increase in the popularity of body art among girls. female celebrities and pop icons now flash the public with pride. Thank you to the media and entertainment, 40% of girls aged 26-40 have them, while 6% of girls aged 18-25 have them.

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The fact is, they are not exclusive to men. Many tattoos worn by girls are cute and girly style. Indeed, the girly Cute hand tattoos, cute are extremely popular for the fair sex. Women tend to use more color and swirls on their designs. They also tend to be smaller than tattoos for men.

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What are the popular subjects for Cute hand tattoos for girls? You can go for cherries, flowers, butterflies, angels, hearts, dolphins and stars. You can do them in a large tattoo, or a group of smaller tattoos. Cute female tattoos are seen best on the shoulders, ankles and lower back. The most preferred area is the lower back. lower back tattoos are easy to hide if you must, in particular school or office.

cute hand tattoos for girls cute hand tattoos for women

On the other hand, you can easily flaunt, wearing bikinis and shorts. These Cute hand tattoos are sexy, feminine and flirty, perfect for girls. Tattoos on the ankles are also very hot, especially when worn with high heels. Express yourself and your femininity with female cute tattoos!