Dragon Tattoo Designs


It is believed that the mythical creature has developed its appearance totems many different tribes in China. As the united tribes, the different attributes of the appearance of the dragon has taken shape. The Dragon tattoo designs is believed to have evolved over time to incorporate the characteristics of 9 animals to become the mythical creature it is today. These features include:

Horns of a deer
The head of a camel
The eyes of a demon
Neck of a snake
Stomach of a clam
Scales of a fish carp
Claws of an eagle
Soles of a tiger
Ears of a cow

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Combine these features together and you have the Chinese dragon, a very popular tattoo design through the ages and more and more now. And “common to many Eastern images of the Chinese dragon to show a pearl or thunder-ball under the chin – which represents good luck and wisdom. Some images also show the Chinese dragon with bat wings, though the dragons can fly without wings.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Meanings

Dragon tattoo designs is centuries old, which adds to its appeal and mystique. It ‘a symbol of mystery and power, wisdom and good will. These dragons are considered good luck and are strongly associated with the number nine because there are nine sections of the dragon. Qualities include courage, loyalty and strength.

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The Chinese dragon is a divine mythical creature conjured evil spirits. They have close ties with the Chinese authorities. The Chinese themselves “Long De Chuan Ren” or descendants of the dragon proclamation because when the first emperor Huang Di died, (considered by the Chinese as their ancestor) the legend, transformed into a dragon and rose to the sky. This led to the Chinese dragon has become a symbol of imperial authority and power. the five toed Chinese dragon was only reserved for the emperor. the peasants who wear a symbol would be put to death.

These creatures are 117 steps, 81 of these scales are yang (positive) and 36 are yin (negative), so that the dragon creature Yang.

The legend says that dragons originated in China and spread in the area, get as far away as Japan. Dragon tattoo designs have five toes, Korean dragons have four toes and as you get further away, such as Japan, dragons have three toes. It was not possible for the Dragons to go beyond Japan and wasting toes.