Egyptian Eye Tattoo


Egyptian eye tattoo symbols are becoming a popular choice for people today. I think the reason for this is that the Egyptian symbols seem very cool and not just to have a meaning that create more than just an attractive tattoo. Common Egyptian symbols represent protection, wealth, underworld and (they even have their specific meanings), and I will enumerate some time and their meaning.

egyptian eye tattoo on neck egyptian eye tattoo for men egyptian eye tattoo meaning

This symbol represents the underworld, however, originally meant the setting of the sun. The sunset on the west bank of the Nile, where the Egyptians would also bury their dead; Hence the significance of being linked to the land of the dead. Like a tattoo that would fit right through the shoulder blades, shoulder or more of something you believe in.


Known as Crux Anasta the Ankh was the “key to life” and is one of the most recognized symbols of ancient Egypt. The ankh is depicted as Egyptian eye tattoo symbol that passes the breath of life on people who pass into hell. Ankh tattoos are usually on the ankle, wrist, shoulder and sometimes on the chest. It is a good tattoo symbol to have, because it looks great and holds the meaning of the long life span.

egyptian eye tattoo for women egyptian eye tattoo on chest egyptian eye tattoo design

This symbol is known as the backbone of the god Osiris and represents stability and strength. This is a phallic symbol, which means that it represents the strength of a man; In fact, during the Egyptian renewal Djed Festival would be raised symbolizes “the power and duration of the Pharaoh’s government”. This would be appropriate as a tattoo on the back, abdomen or thorax.

Feather of Maat
Such is truth, justice, morality, and equilibrium. It was the work of the Pharaoh to support these principles and to pass responsibility on the next Pharaoh. This symbol as Egyptian eye tattoo is very appropriate for someone who is a leader and believes in these principles.