Eye Candy Tattoo


Female low back Eye candy tattoo are clearly on the rise, women all over the world have seen these at some stage choose a tattoo design for themselves. The low back tattoo became very popular, in fact, in 2007 had almost the status of worship. What attracts women to have this kind of tattoo? They can be very artistic, colorful and easily hidden by work for professional reasons, but they can also be set to maximum screen during the summer months at the beach.

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Men love women’s lower back tattoos, a glimpse of them under a loose top or cropped will have men who look at you as a kid in a candy store. Low back tattoos promote an air of mystery about the owner and men and women do not like to see them.


Choosing Eye candy tattoo at the lower back of women is much harder than choosing a regular tattoo, there are different shapes, styles and colors to consider. Although back from the traditional lower tattoos had a tribal religious significance some of the modern versions are of purely artistic design so that you can tailor a plan that is right for you. Changing a design that suits you is always an option you can display a design you like, but when you add a couple more branches or flower you can love, a professional tattoo artist can make adjustments for you.

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Color should also be a consideration for your design, gray and black are the traditional colors of a lower back Eye candy tattoo, but adding a little ‘color will completely transform the design and make it unique for you. I saw some of the most beautiful designs that people had only created for them, they include a series with a dolphin tattoo woven through the branches of the design, I also saw the one who had his mother’s portrait as the Focal point of the design, so you can never say you can not find a design for you.