Feather Bird Tattoo


The world is full of thousands of species of birds. With many races there, it will definitely have many choices when it comes to Feather bird tattoo.

There are some common concepts, like doves, sparrows and bluebirds. Although they may be familiar to you, you can do so that they look unique and rare. Examples of tattoos of unique birds in order to break with the traditional and boring styles.



The swallow is a bird that is found in most of the continents, except Antarctica. With its long and pointed wings aerodynamic body, the swallow is one of the best models available for those who wish to have tattoos of birds.

graphic feather bird tattoo wrist

Swallows Feather bird tattoo mean many things, and you can choose one to show what you want them to say. For example, it may designate positive that can take place in the future. After all, when the sailors were at sea, seeing a swallow means you are close to the ground.

Another representation of the swallow is fidelity, as he is known to have a partner for the rest of his life. Finally, you can show a new love of a person, like the swallows were usually used in Egyptian poems speak cult novel.


Long considered a spiritual symbol, a dove tattoo can designate many meanings. On the one hand, a dove holding an olive branch, is said to represent the victory and a successful life or relationship.

picture feather bird tattoo design

A flock of doves on the other hand, represent the family and strong ties. A new start time is also associated with a dove tattoo, as it was used by Noah to determine if there is a field in which he and his family can start over canned.

As the messenger of Aphrodite, the dove tattoos can also mean love. Having a dove with a heart design can symbolize the bright idea of infinite love.

graphic feather bird tattoo meaning


Usually worn by sailors who have traveled 10,000 nautical miles, a bluebird Feather bird tattoo can also be obtained by anyone who wants to have a nice tattoo bird. As the symbol of eternal sky, a state Bluebird can show a person’s happiness.

You can even show the prosperity, like the Native Americans consider the Bluebird as the firstborn from the sun. In this context, a bluebird can represent good health and abundance.

If you want a style that reflects the nature of the balance and a design that you should have is that of two Bluebirds, one with horns, and another with a halo. These can show your acceptance of your natures good and bad.

picture feather bird tattoo women


The hummingbird, which is a very fast bird, may represent the energy. Another representation associated with hummingbird is the struggle and effort, as this bird is known to work hard to stay alive and rapid flight.

With many tattoos of birds and symbols available, you can certainly choose one that breaks with the tradition. By adding additional design elements for your bird ink, you can have a style, which is very unusual and attractive.