Flower of life tattoo


Far from being simply beautiful, Flower of life tattoo can mean many things. the flower tattoo designs are one of the most used in the tattoo industry models. Especially flower symbolizes the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Every tattoo design is different traits and character of a person can be identified.

flower of life tattoo wrist flower of life tattoo ideas

A rose flower tattoo foot design means love in its purest form. A pink flower is considered the largest floral symbol for the combination of beauty, fragrances and shapes. A red rose tattoo foot means the ultimate love, while yellow rose stands for joy. A light pink rose tattoo designs can mean either admiration or compassion, while white rose means respect. A rose tattoo that is full of thorns means that love is a risk that even the best can get hurt and make the greatest love of life experience, you will need to open up to the pain.

flower of life tattoo designs

Another beautiful Flower of life tattoo is the daisy. The white daisy means innocence and peace. Chrysanthemum tattoo, on the other hand, the golden mean or abundance since the flower is known as the Golden Flower. This tattoo flower means life or immortality. And the cherry blossom design is synonymous with prosperity and good luck.

flower of life tattoo back

With all the different kinds of flowers and their meaning, the exact flower can be found which describes clearly his / her personality. At the end of the day, whether you are male or female, who are looking for a foot tattoo of flowers means that you believe in the magic of love.

Other popular choices include orchids, cherry blossoms and other small oriental flowers. In general, tattoo flower designs are excellent and timeless choice for the tattoo art that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

flower of life tattoo shoulder

Flower of life tattoo designs can symbolize different things to different people. It ‘important to find a model that best represents what you want to express. If you are looking for the perfect flower tattoo, check out one of the top 3 Tattoo Galleries Internet – each of which contains thousands of high quality, unique tattoo designs.