Girl Shoulder Tattoos


Girl shoulder tattoos are in fashion these days. And “understandable if you want yourself. Having your own back tattoo however has benefits and disadvantages. Before you decide to get one, you have to know these specific concerns. After all, you want to be permanently happy with your tattoo. If you do not want to regret getting it.

Lower Back Tattoo


There are no strict rules regarding tattoo placement of women on the back. Women can choose to have tattooed across his back. Good zone would shoulder top left or right. Girl shoulder tattoos of these areas can be easily enjoyed by others when you wear sleeveless or off shoulder shirts. But there is no denying that, even with these great options in the back tattoo, lower back is still the most popular place. When it comes to back female tattoos, many women simply opt for tailbone tattoos.

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One of the most popular female tattoos are female coccyx. Lower back or tailbone is undeniably a sensual place in the female body. Its natural curve and shape make it an area drooling. Having a tattoo in this particular place that can highlight your sensuality. The sensual impression is even clearer when a woman wearing appropriate clothing. the low-rise jeans and a tee or tank top baby can make an absolute eye-catcher.

The decision to put the girl back tattoo on tailbone is also a practical side to it. Tattoos in this area are less able to shrink, stretch and deform due to weight fluctuations or the quality of the skin. You can also easily hide a tailbone tattoo if you do not want the display.

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A Girl shoulder tattoos back can seem like the best choice for the female tattoo. There are, however, some disadvantages to this. The biggest drawback is the negative impression some people have for it. Although a number of people really like the lower back tattoos, there are also some who call tramp stamps. A number of men and women believe that these tattoos are trashy and an indication of loose behavior. This despite the fact that many women choose own reputation this tattoo place.