Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs


Sleeve tattoo designs are very hot right now. More and more people feel freedom and the power to get a full and Half sleeve tattoo designs. Most restrictions on tattoos in the workplace have relaxed in recent years, tattoos have become more widely acceptable. then it brings a lot of men and women to go out and get much bigger piece tattoo done. If you plan to do a half-sleeve tattoo, then you want to read some of the best ideas.

half sleeve tattoos designs for men


Celtic Cross – Celtic crosses have long been a very popular design. Of course, the standard Half sleeve tattoo designs cross symbolizes both fertility and, of course, Christianity. In the initial phase, the symbol of the cross has been used in many pagan cultures. It was then considered a symbol of fertility. The cross represents the male and the circle in the middle of the female cross. This was later adapted to become a powerful symbol of Christianity it is today.

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Flames – Flames and fire, of course, is something that has always fascinated man since the dawn of time, or at least since the invention of fire. For some reason destruction of the power and mystical appeal still holds strong for many men. It is therefore to a large tattoo design.

Tribal – There are a variety of ways to get a tribal tattoo design. They usually have large and bold strong black lines, which is a plus for a male tattoo. It can be seen from a distance and it looks great and is much more resistant to fading over time. Today, many men choose more traditional tribal tattoos, as designed Hawaiian or Maori designs instead of new tribal pan mixture was done more in the 90s.

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Koi Fish – For traditional women koi fish is one of the most popular Half sleeve tattoo designs. In Japan, koi symbol represents power, struggle and self-sufficiency. In ancient Japanese and Chinese tradition even koi fish would swim upstream against the current leader to become a symbol of power.

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floral patterns – floral motifs are also increasingly popular for women and the vines can wrap around the arm in an abstract and beautiful pattern makes a great sleeve design. Even the bright colors Use D in the flower and the infinite potential of a variety of floral symbolism of flowers makes a great choice for half sleeve tattoos.

These are just some ideas that are hot right now. However, it is always better to take your time and choose a tattoo and a design that is appropriate. Do not be so eager to get a tattoo you get something in the ink just because you read it was popular. Instead take your time and find drawings, ideas and symbols that speak to you and make sense.