Hawaiian flower tattoos


Many people choose a tattoo with a floral theme. Hawaiian flower tattoos are especially popular. This can be to commemorate a special affinity with one takes the Hawaiian Islands, or it may be that the exotic look of these tropical flowers have a special meaning. In any case, a lot of Hawaiian flowers find their way into body art.

hawaiian flower tattoos for girls

Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii, and is most frequently used in the Hawaiian flower tattoos. They come in many different colors and drapes delicately beautiful petal. The hibiscus can symbolize the brevity of life … I want to take the opportunity that you can.

hawaiian flower tattoos on chest

Plumerias are another popular Hawaiian flower tattoos. They are produced in necklaces called fresh flower necklaces. They have a sweet fragrance and are available in many colors. Plumerias are often in a tattoo or as an accent with a hibiscus or can be in a group of them. Plumeria are often used to symbolize the warmth, welcome and hospitality.

hawaiian flower tattoos foot

If you are going to make a Hawaiian flower tattoo, you can design your own. Combine different symbols of the islands. Maybe you want to surround a dolphin jumping with frangipani flowers or add roses or lilies with your hibiscus. Take the time to choose carefully. Your tattoo will be with you for a long time.

Other Hawaiian flowers can be considered include orchids, anthurium and bird paradise. They are all very tropical and distinctive. It ‘a way to have a bit’ of Hawaii with you forever … your little paradise.

hawaiian flower tattoos on side

There are several ways to design Hawaiian flower tattoos. Besides a unique design on a typical shoulder or hip, one she might be tattooed around the arm or ankle. Repeating a flower design with a screw also work in this style. Bracelets and anklebands are beautiful and are suitable for many occasions. It ‘like wearing a permanent jewelry. The tropical colors of Hawaiian flowers work well for this style because they are dynamic and rich. Hawaiian flowers bracelets also work well in a tribal style design with heavy outlines.

hawaiian flower tattoos sleeve

Hawaiian flower tattoos can also include other symbols of islands like the ocean waves, surfboards, sea turtles, a hula dancer or shells. The final combination will be different, if you go to a man or a woman. Women tend to choose the most delicate designs, while men can incorporate a floral design with a tribal design or other more masculine symbols.