Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo


Hawaiian tribal tattoo usually consist of geometric shapes that are often important. These tattoo designs are attractive when worn as is or after having done as inspiration for the design you want to make to your skin. The tattoo was a big part of Hawaiian heritage. They use various symbols which were also widely used outside their culture. These tattoos are mostly symbolic and have meaning. The designs are a deep sense of simple, rather than representing lines. During the first days, tribal tattoos identify the contribution, the position of a person or the ability of a warrior who were usually in black or blue ink. The same is true for Hawaiian tribal tattoos. However, Hawaii tribal tattoos are colorful, larger and brighter than other culture tattoos.

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Hawaiian tribal tattoo are largely influenced by the designs of nature and animals, because Hawaii is composed of many islands that are rich in natural wonders and wildlife. The designs usually incorporate turtles, lizards, birds, sharks and other aquatic creatures. animal designs of these tattoos usually indicate a special meaning. For example, dolphins expressing joy; arrows and sea turtles symbolize fertility. The meaning can change depending on the person wearing the tattoo. Orchids are popular designs that are mostly worn by men. Lizards are also popular for its symbolism of fear and respect. The size and location of the tattoo usually mean the User rank.

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These tattoos were important to their heritage. The Hawaiian tribal tattoo usually indicates the status of a person in society. For example, a tattoo of a head will be different and standout from other tattoos tribal members. Tattoos are also designed as a protective means to protect the danger of user or illness. Hawaiian tribal tattoos are worn to honor a chief or other persons that are dear to the wearer.