Henna Tattoo Stencils


The permanence and the process of a traditional tattoo can be frightening , I do not like needles, but I like the idea of getting body art or decoration of the skin. I’m not too excited about the permanence of a tattoo ‘August’ I hated the way. You price of tattoo removal methods recently? The cost of tattoo removal is at least 3 times more than getting the tattoo! After doing some research, I found some great alternatives for body art, and I’ll give it a shot of those (no pun) before jumping into the nearest tattoo parlor.

Tattoo Alternative # 1: The natural beauty of henna tattoos


Henna tattoo stencils have made a comeback, and I can certainly see why. The dried and pulverized plant Lawsonia inermis Henna is made into a paste and applied to the skin treated first with oil mehlabiya. The paste is then applied to the skin using a stencil.

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Henna tattoo stencils are available in an incredible variety of styles and can be reused. Indeed, once the glue dries after one or two hours, the dough can be reapplied 2-3 times to intensify the color of a dark brown or almost black. If the dough is only used once, is dried and removed, the color continues to deepen a rust-orange or reddish. It reminds me of sunless tanning lotion in this regard.

The application of henna tattoos is license and is considered safe for all skin types (apart from those who have an allergic reaction to Henna). henna tattoos can last up to four weeks with care, do not rub the area and protect the tattoo with Vaseline in chlorinated water.

Kits range in price, but the average cost of a Henna tattoo stencils kit, which includes pasta, stencil (s) and other necessary supplies less than $ 20 In fact, a bottle of dye henna tattoos can create about 25 medium size.

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Tattoo Alternative # 2: Piercings

Yes, we are more or less aware of thousand holes in the earlobes rings and ear cartilage, nose, tongue, lips, eyebrows and navel. However, the days of facial piercing took the edge that many employers increased the ban on wearing the art of the body “distracting and unprofessional” to work. The great thing about piercings, however, is that the jewelry can be removed (or change) on request. My only problem with the piercing is time, which varies greatly depending on the area to be drilled Healing:

Earlobe 6 to 8 weeks
Ear cartilage 4 months to 1 year
Eyebrow 6 to 8 weeks
Nostril 2 to 4 months
nasal septum 6 to 8 months

I care for the piercing infection – but not as much as with a traditional tattoo that could be difficult to achieve (such as the back of a shoulder) to keep clean and bandaged.