Japanese flower tattoo


The sleeve tattoos are gaining more and more fame among men nowadays and perhaps it is because of the growing number of personalities get this kind of body art. A tattoo sleeve can be described as an image of the body around the upper arm, from the shoulder to the staging of the elbow. One of the most popular sleeves are Japanese tattoo designs tattoos. Japanese flower tattoo are known for their symbolic meanings and detailed drawings. Not only that, but they are also extremely attractive. They are a brilliant choice in terms of full-sleeve ink body.

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The koi fish are perhaps one of the most favorite and very symbolic of all the body styles in Japanese ink. In Japanese mythology, he said that the koi fish swim legendary search for the flow of enlightenment. As they fight and resist to swim to the river, they found lessons for other species, and finally reach the top of the flow and become progressive and transformed into a dragon. So as a tattoo design, which usually symbolize the virtues of power, strength and struggle against the difficulties and afflictions. In addition, they are seen as a symbol of good luck. Almost all the temples of Japan, the years until today include a koi pond in front of them. They are perceived as dominant and strong, but at the same time, a lot of thinking and non-violent.

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Another great Japanese flower tattoo designs for the sleeve is the cherry blossom. This flower in a f common symbols in tattoos customary Japanese art. In fact, the art and symbolism of this flower does not just serve as a body art design, but also increasing importance in the consciousness of the Japanese. The attraction with Cherry blossom began in ancient times. They believed that a person’s life is short and evolving so the time on this world is to be maximized and the maximum amount of honor and beauty. impermanence of life is seen through the cherry blossom, make a great image for their tattoo sleeves tattoos.

japanese flower tattoo designs

The dragon is considered one of the most popular tattoo designs. Dragons have been a popular part of the tradition and Japanese art and that made them famous in the designs and body art ink. These wonderful creatures offer a deep representation too. The Japanese flower tattoo believe that these legendary beasts symbolize luck and blessing, and the strength and leadership.