Japanese Tattoo Designs


The art of Japanese tattoo designs has gained much popularity over the years. From the time he was associated with the yakuza, which has come a long way in representing the entire culture and Japanese tradition. Japanese art has something for everyone. If you want a cherry blossom design or want to go for a fierce dragon, you’ll find it in different styles, colors and designs. From a koi fish in a deadly fight scene, Japanese tattoos have a variety of meanings associated with their art.

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History and Meaning of Japanese tattoos

There is a rich and strong historical context behind all Japanese tattoo designs. There are designs inspired by ancient figurines graves and some historical documents indicate that Japanese men used to have their faces and bodies decorated in different colors and styles. Then, later in the history of Japan, where Chinese culture has left its influence on Japan, tattooing has become a taboo and was reserved for criminals and excluded. traditional Japanese tattoos used to symbolize different types of character in people. Currently, Japanese tattoos are famous for tattoos ranging from small to large sizes brilliant designs that can cover the entire arm of the person who tattooed.

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There are various types of Japanese tattoo designs which are popular among people for their particular importance. Some of them are:

Cherry Blossom: It is a symbol of life, and are also known as Sakura. Although the cherry blossoms are fragile which is considered their beauty they are able to survive and thrive in difficult conditions. Japanese culture believes that life should be lived to the fullest consciousness and death should govern live. Such is the power of a cherry blossom tattoo, and you must take care of it when you are tattooed on the body.

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Koi Fish: Koi fish are fish that are related to the spiritual significance of Japanese culture and are very popular tattoo designs in bright colors. It is believed that Japanese koi fish go upstream to reach the gates of Heaven where they become dragons. koi fish are representative of the power, ambition, strength, luck and individuality. If a tattoo is a symbol of the struggle of a person in life, so a koi fish tattoo is the perfect way to do it.

Dragons: be an important part of Japanese culture, dragons symbolize wisdom, strength, freedom, strength and courage. Japanese tattoo designs also symbolize supernatural powers, sometimes. It is important to choose the right colors for dragons, though, as each symbolizes something different. So you can get dragons designed in a variety of ways after checking their meaning with your artist.