Jasmine Flower Tattoo


For some strange reason, I like the design of the other tattoos flowers. the flower tattoos are usually favored by women, as an adornment, except that you can wear your Jasmine flower tattoo ‘as a work of art with you all the time. I find women with tattoos more attractive, sexier, more feminine and powerful.

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The image of a tattoo can be so addictive that awakens the senses. You can have a tattoo Rose with barbed wire around it and still look very good. He Ying and Yang, loving and gentle but authoritative and intimidating. But if you plan to ink a Jasmine flower tattoo on your body, it is best to find the meaning of the flower and what you want is. So you can combine different images to give contrasting impressions of your tattoos.

I have compiled a list of meaning of flowers as a guide before the tattoo on your body. I can not guarantee how those meanings which are official, but my research has shown that they are quite consistent.

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As a symbol of eternal life and immortality, the lily is often displayed in many religious ceremonies. More particularly famous for its spiritual and philosophical implications in Far Eastern cultures, the Jasmine flower tattoo is admired throughout the world for its delicate beauty. Besides being a symbol of creation and rebirth. First shown from the flower of the lotus flower, Buddha is said to have happened on earth, spreading the virtues of enlightenment and truth.


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Japan and China cultures describe the delicate peony flower as a sign of good luck and wealth, a symbol of the delicate balance between risk and return. Also known for its huge flowers and fragrant peony also symbolizes wealth, fortune and happiness, as well as balance and elegance.