Leo tattoo designs


We all know that there is no need to be a Stargazer understand the meaning of the symbols of Leo tattoo designs. According to astrology charts, anyone born between July 23 and August 22 brings the Lion symbol. Leos are symbolized by the Lion; also known as Panthera Leo, and are characterized as very spoken, active and off course want to always be the life of the party. Leos are known to be great friends. You will find that the most common occupation of Leo is in the entertainment industry, usually as an actor or a musician. Leo tend to crave honor and attention, allowing them to be easily operated.

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Leo tattoo symbols are made in many different styles. Some people prefer the traditional tattoo Leo symbol that is often called Glyph of Leo. Leo glyph looks a lot like a snake or upside down “U” with loops on the end. Others may choose to have a tattoo done Leone, however, it is different, but it is more or less the same message. Because of all the different styles available to you, there are literally infinite combinations for you to come with. Leos are proud people, and with a tattoo Leo symbol tattooed on you is one of the greatest ways to show that pride.

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The sun, hearts or Flames are also popular Leo tattoo designs symbols. Since Leo is a fire symbol many people will ask their tattoos to include flames. Also, Leos are romantics and live in the fifth house. Since the fifth house rules love issues, the choice of a heart tattoo is also a good choice. These must be made to the socket. Since the Sun is the largest planet in the Lion, the symbol of the sun as it will make a good addition to your Leo tattoo collection. Some people may also choose to have the whole constellation of Leo tattooed stars or perhaps simply the word “Leo”

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Leo tattoo designs Symbol can also represent courage. Many people who have experienced a traumatic experience or experienced difficult times in life have a symbol of a lion tattooed on them. This is done with the idea of the great lion’s mane is the lion is courageous. Leo tattoos are beautiful and symbolic, and if you, your partner or your children are a Leo symbol tattoo then Leo will be an impressive addition to your collection.