Lion Finger Tattoo


Think lions and you instantly get the image of the king of the jungle in all its majesty. Lion finger tattoo are quite common in Africa, Eastern and European cultures. Lion tattoos done on a large scale as a result, they are ideally inked on the arms and shoulders. There are several key variations in a single lion tattoo connected; It could be a beast in a quiet, roaring ferociously, as Leo – Chinese tattoos and medieval style. Their symbolism varies from culture to culture; lion tattoo can symbolize strength, courage, power, majesty, authority and ferocity.

In alchemy, a red lion represents masculinity and its dominant position. A green Lion finger tattoo represents beginnings and feminine qualities. Two lions tattooed together in alchemical light represent a harmonious relationship between the male and the female.

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Buddhists believe that their Lord Buddha can be compared to a lion for his wisdom of a higher spiritual power, their energy bulbs and get gold. E it also held that the Buddha seated on a lion who represents wisdom and consistency.

In ancient Egypt, the lion represented the brutal heat of the sun, as one of their goddess Sekhmet, was responsible for the destruction of evil and protect the good.

In ancient Greece, the lions were supposed to pull the chariots of gods and goddesses; so tattoos lion represented protection and guardians. lion tattoos in this culture are also common, the love of men like lions were associated with a beautiful pair of gods and goddesses who were in love.

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In the zodiac, representing Leo the lion; he fiercely under, control, adventure, energy and exuberance.

Chinese lion tattoos represent power, strength, balance, good luck and feminine wisdom.

In England, lions are the symbol of the British monarch representing the lion as their attributes.

There are a number of lion made references in Christianity as well.

People with Lion finger tattoo are full of pride and usually make them in places where they can be displayed. Remember to think before inking a permanent tattoo on the skin because they are very difficult, almost impossible to remove, which costs a lot of money, pain and time. Lions can take in their natural habitat or balanced with other tattoos like certain flowers that represent the balance between fragility and strength.