Minds Eye Tattoo


Minds eye tattoo and Prison tattoo is the practice of creating and displaying the tattoos in a prison environment. They are often used to represent the band, I was in prison, family relationships, spiritual beliefs, and are often used as a form of code and hidden meanings. Tattooing is banned in most of the prisons and is done in secret, with the wealth of tattoo equipment. In the expansion of the prison system, the tattoos are taken seriously by the prisoners and their guards. Tattoos obtained when they are locked up in prison have special meaning for both the prisoners themselves for the return to the streets.

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methods Prison Tattoo


There are two types of Minds eye tattoo and guns prison standards, the spinner and beyond. Relay gun is much better than the spinner rig-up and is more widely used now. A prisoner down his most precious possession, a radio, and removes the transistor. The copper wire is then removed which is wrapped around a screw that provides an automatic connection when excited. The detainee must then capture wire bristle brush maintenance and sharpening of providing the needle. The cylinder is made from a quality mechanical pencil and the reinforcing bar is made with a piece of flexible tape pallet and a magnet hundred dimensions. The tattoo gun is then supplied from the transistor of another radio. So, owning one of these tattoos “guns” is quite expensive and in prison, “money” can be hard to find.

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Obviously, without this equipment, the ole pick and method of introducing tools with a certain type pin also works.

Prison Tattoo and Minds eye tattoo

Get a metal container, one cut in half can of soda is the best, and put baby oil and cotton in the box. You need a piece of metal that can be placed on the opening of the box, without the cover. oil burns for children and cotton allowing the smoke to hit the sheet and the darkest possible black. Then scraped to remove any black powder, and repeat. You want to use a credit card or something similar to it, such as razors and other metal scrapers may leave splinters in the dust. Put your tattoo powder in a small bowl, cap toothpaste is what I recommend, and fill cap halfway. Then add a few drops of clear shampoo, perfume. mix well. The compiled ink must have the consistency of a ink pen, or maybe a little ‘thicker. To dilute the ink, add shampoo, and thicken, add more powder.