Neo Traditional Tattoo


Some say that there is no difference between the traditional and Neo traditional tattoo although the differences are small, they are still there. traditional tattoos are made of heavy brands of dark, solid colors. They are deliberately kept simple in design and use a limited color palette consisting of red, green, yellow, brown and blue with little or no shade.

Neo traditional tattoo culture at that time was very fringe and in the periphery of society, as opposed to the ordinary means of art and good credibility it has today. These seafarers could obtain iconic images stamped on their body as a celebration of their service; only the sailors who were taken to distant lands and traveled a number of miles have been able to get the swallows, for example. traditional tattoos are not customly created, rather they were just caught the flash on the walls in hand.

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“Traditional” adheres to the specific imaging: patriotic symbols such as eagles, ships, anchors, the American flag, daggers, pin-up, swallows and starfish. All these symbols were derived from classic icons marine and navy that prevailed in the early years of the 20th century, when the military returned to the States and get tattooed.

Neo traditional tattoo pays homage to the classic, the timeless art form through the same techniques; sharp lines and heavy color saturation with minimal nuance and detail. However, images and designs used are generally more diversified and the palette of colors used is more varied. A tattoo purely “American” style, traditional neo including candles, lights, diamonds, caskets and other concepts and so render “traditional”.

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Not to be confused with “New School”, a more cartoon style, exaggerated and colorful tattoo, is a neoclassical revival of “Old-School”, a celebration of the roots and origins.

The innate beauty that traditional tattoo style offers calls through all generations of fans; sharp lines and solid colors tend to fade less, offering durability and long-lasting quality that so many desire.

Apart from the black and gray, traditional turned out to be one of the few tattoo designs that stand the test of time, and will always be an audience for wear. The beauty of traditional tattoo is just that; there will always be artists who try to recreate the classic tattoos and the culture that has helped to pave the way and make the tattoo industry what it is today.