Phoenix tattoo meaning


Egyptian culture has influenced the world as we know; everyone knows what the pyramids with many exotic theories and believe in the link with the underworld and Egyptian mythology. The Egyptians have influenced other cultures with their technology, religion, wealth and art and focus on their influence with tattoos.

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The original design of Egyptian Phoenix tattoo meaning was in dots and stripes all over the body that was found on a mummy dating women dating from 2000 and it is estimated that these -1994BC where for religious and ceremonial purposes. A picture tattoo was not documented until 400 BC, showing that it took a long time before Egyptian tattoo designs have evolved in a pictorial form. He firmly believed that the Egyptians are responsible for influencing the Southeast Asia in the art forms to the body.

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Phoenix tattoo meaning , current day designs have become more involved with hieroglyphics and Egyptian symbols to represent the symbolism symbols mixing these together. Egyptian Tattoo City Design Show which Anubis (jackal) and King Tut mixed with symbols like a scroll or the scourge and fraudster, who are actually very similar to the art of ancient Egypt. Another common design is to translate something into English alphabet / hieroglyphic image, but it is important to use a credible translator.

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Most Egyptian symbols used as Phoenix tattoo meaning designs are that of protection and prosperity so it is usually a safe bet when it comes to getting a positive meaning of your tattoo, but if you’re going to get Anubis on your body memory symbolizing the underworld.