Purple Rose Tattoo


People generally get a signed Purple rose tattoo to show their feelings in a meaningful way. Each flower has its own symbolic meaning and there is plenty of variety to choose from. flower tattoos are more feminine in nature. However, men and women can do, but more often it is more common for women to get beautiful designs of flowers tattooed on their bodies. Symbolism has its limits, in the case of flower tattoos. Most flowers are symbolized on the basis of the variety, with some colors are positive and negative feelings. The significance associated with a tattoo flowers can vary, depending on its color. Therefore, it is important to look carefully the flower type chosen for the tattoo design because it will take a permanent place on your body.

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Tattoo designs of flowers

There may be several combinations of design that can be made using a bloom. Sometimes you can find people that only the petals are doing in their tattoos, while others can go for the part of the stem too. Purple rose tattoo can also be combined with other symbols, such as butterflies, vines, ladybugs, hummingbirds, etc. Some models can be part of a natural landscape. It can get your flower tattoo done in a way that includes a group of the same flowers or contains different flowers. In addition, your flower tattoo can be a small image that reflects the delicacy, or a great design and bold. Overall, the tattoo of flowers comes with endless creative options.

Meaning of flower tattoos

The flowers have different meanings attached to them. Some of these flowers are more popular in other tattoo designs. Let’s see what each flower symbolizes commonly used.

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Rose: It’s the most commonly used and oldest in the world of tattoo flower. First cultivated in Persia, the rose has been there for thousands of years. And “it is known for the infinite beauty and love that is. However, depending on its color, pink also carries different meanings. While a red rose shows true love, a rose pink reflects the elegance and grace. A pink coral reflects the desires and friendship peach pink display. A yellow rose is used as a symbol of friendship and devotion, while a pink orange shows the charm and excitement. The Purple rose tattoo generally reflects the love at first sight. The blue rose is a symbol of charm and impossible. At one extreme, a white rose symbolizes purity and innocence, but at the other extreme, a black rose is a symbol of death.

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image purple rose tattoo on foot

Lotus: As you grow in the mud, the lotus flower symbolizes growth through struggle and hardship. It also represents strength and beauty. In Buddhism and Hinduism, it is considered a symbol of the awakening of the spiritual reality of life.
Lily: A symbol of the partnership, the lily is usually a long-term relationship. It is also a symbol of mothers.
Tulip: Represents the adjustment and opportunities, and it also means the achievement and aspiration.
Sunflower: Sunflowers are very popular as a tattoo design because it symbolizes wealth and good fortune.