Shoulder Tattoo Ideas


Looking for tattoo ideas for men? You are right to do research, because many people have walked into a tattoo parlor, with no idea at all and ended up with something that sorry. In this article I will give you some ideas for further development that will hopefully point you in the right direction – to get a tattoo that you will love and treasure for a lifetime.

Tattoo Ideas for Men – Arm


The arm is very versatile and is a prime area for men. One idea is to have a tribal Shoulder tattoo ideas design on the upper arm. It may extend further into your forearm or extended at the beginning of your neck / chest / back.

Many types are getting something in the upper arm, where the deltoid muscle. This can be just about anything, such as a heart, a flag, a skull or any other object that fits well in this space.

Of course, you can always go for a full sleeve or even a half-inning. Sleeves cover the skin and have a very cool look. Definitely worth considering.

shoulder tattoo ideas female


Ideas for Men – Back

The back is a very popular place to get a Shoulder tattoo ideas for men. There are so many choices to not be stuck for ideas.

One idea is to get a comic spine. It can be a human spine or some kind of animal hybrid human /.

Another option is to get a tribal design made. Although with just a few lines, you can integrate the area well and seem to cover more space it really does.

Another idea is to go for a full return. This tattoo work is very popular in Japan and many artists of this style do their work in many other countries around the world.

graphic shoulder tattoo ideas for girls

Tattoo Ideas for Men – shoulder

Shoulder tattoo ideas on men usually occupy the top half of the arm (above the elbow) and extend to the neck. If you wear a work shirt, these tattoos usually do not go beyond the visible cleavage.

Tribal is by far the most popular, but another idea is to go for biomechanics. Both are smoother and look better in these parts of the body as the skull or a cross or other unique design emblem.

image shoulder tattoo ideas male


image shoulder tattoo ideas women

Tattoo Ideas for Men – Bust

There are basically two options when it comes to his chest. The first is to have something that occupies one side of the chest and extends to the neck and / or arm.

The other option is for full coverage of the symmetrical chest. For this second option, hearts, guns, knives and raptors are popular and good choice.