Simple Anchor Tattoo


If you decide to get a tattoo, it probably considered a nautical Simple anchor tattoo. It is a simple and beautiful tattoo and can have different meanings. In this article I will discuss what it means today and what kind of tattoo once meant. It has a very interesting development history and you might get more interested after reading this.

The nautical star tattoo has many interpretations, especially today. It stands out for the army, for punk rockers, even for the lesbian community. However, everyone agrees that the sailors were the first to use this type of tattoo. At the beginning of a sea voyage it could have been very dangerous at times for a sailor. Especially during the night, they had very little to help them stay on track.

photograph simple anchor tattoo designs


graphic simple anchor tattoo for men

What helped the sailors to keep their courses during the night was the North Star, also known as Polaris. Unlike other stars, he did not move, and it is always oriented north. With his help, the sailors could find their way and that’s why the so much liked. Therefore, a nautical star tattoo was a great direction symbol and a Marine means to pay tribute to the star that helped them to return home.

The basic design of Simple anchor tattoo is a five-pointed star, but some people choose a different design for him, they think that the compass of the ship is better representation. However, in my opinion a five-pointed star is better because of the North nautical chart is represented by a five-pointed star.

impression simple anchor tattoo ankle


graphic simple anchor tattoo hand

So if you think that this type of tattoo that is, you need to choose. The design Simple anchor tattoo is rather simple in many cases, it means that tattoo will not be too expensive and will also not be very difficult to do. I hope this article has helped you make a good decision.