Simple Flower Tattoos


The emergence of modern Simple flower tattoos design , The history of the flower complex and dynamic details of tattoo designs is short today, compared to tattoos in general, but are becoming one of the most popular tattoo design choices among women today. The reason for the lack of the story is quite simple. Until the creation of the modern electric tattoo machine, and adding a number of new colors, it was virtually impossible to reproduce the delicate image of the flower and light. Evidence suggests that the flower tattoo design dates back to the early Aztec culture, but the drawings were incomplete incisions and crude Poinsettia, offering recognition to the women of the tribe after a battle, for their help. Women are not fighting actively in combat, only helped behind the scenes.

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picture simple flower tattoo designs


graphic simple flower tattoos on foot

The red rose was the first to be widely tattooed flower, which appears for the first time in early 19th century, and many talented artists of the time has become legendary, making a name for themselves designing Simple flower tattoos, many after the display of objects from the center of pink roses. Some of the most popular combinations were images of women, in particular, that of the sailor girl, hula dancer, or a kewpie doll, an already famous tattoo design, and a natural choice for people salty sea.

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In the course of the 20s the rose remained flower tattoo design choices, and remained so for the next 50 years, due mainly to the lack of new ink. Today, the rose tattoo is experiencing a new popularity born under the category, “tattoos old school”, but the real boom in the flower tattoo designs is directly related to the rainbow of colors available. Today, almost every flower can be accurately described as a Simple flower tattoos.

Another popular flower tattoo design today is Daisy, a free spirit back to the movement for peace and love of 60 and 70. daisies are a symbol of personal transformation and the innocence of a brand, or the new birth a son. Popular for their variety of colors, the lily is another popular choice, often incorporating the names of loved ones passed in the design, making the tattoo lily a big statement in memoriam.