Skeleton Hand Tattoo


The Skeleton hand tattoo is an emerging type of tattoo nowadays. While in the past the elderly chose skulls as decoration of the body, rather the younger generation today is eager to get a skull or skeleton tattoo.

Skulls were involved in many religious activities, and in this way, can reflect religion and culture. In many countries religious, skulls are considered a sign of victory, purity, or eternity (as in Mexico).

graphic skeleton hand tattoo girls


photograph skeleton hand tattoo easy


image skeleton hand tattoo designs

In some cultures, however, the skeletons have long been associated with death: the reaper depicts death comes after all, sooner or later; in medieval skeletons windows were intended to remind people of their mortality.

So, you can see that the skulls are very ambiguous and depends on culture, if it considers acceptable form of tattoo, or rather unfortunate. One thing is certain: if you have a Skeleton hand tattoo you can expect the observations of people a day. If you’re a guy who likes to make noise, this tattoo is a good choice for you.

image skeleton hand tattoo on shoulder


picture skeleton hand tattoo with rose

Some people like to decorate their bodies with Skeleton hand tattoo, while some prefer tattoos that use a single specific body part mainly the skull. Sometimes you can see the skeletal hands, hip or other parts of the body, however minor. If you are looking for a large elaborate design, the complete skeleton is preferable, but on smaller parts of the body, probably a skull corresponds more.

After all, the most important thing is your approach to skeletons, if you think that remind you to enjoy life, not afraid that others might think otherwise. Be proud of your personality, so you can wear your tattoo with pride.