Skull tattoos for girls


Skull tattoos for girls is one of the most popular tattoo designs. It serves a number of symbolic targets. The most common is death and mortality. But in many ways, you can use the image of a skull to involve different things.

skull tattoos for girls on back skull tattoos for girls on thigh

Skull can be a symbol of protection, strength and power. For some people who have already experienced the danger, it can be a symbol of overcoming death, danger or a difficult period. For those who pass the tests, it can be a symbol of a past life, it has changed, not restore. Skulls can also be a reminder of death and bad behavior. In history, it is a symbol of victory over the enemy, and a warning to the people defeated in battle. Skull is a clear statement of triumph.

skull tattoos for girls on wrist

Although the skull, at first glance, may seem like a negative or dangerous image, it does not always mean what they look like. The meaning behind the word is as strong as the meaning of an image.

Skull tattoos for girls can be drawn in various ways. Each person who chooses to have a skull tattooed on their body has a reason and meaning. They are also popular for girls who want a tattoo because all the skulls to be demonic and masculine. It can also be in a more feminine design, but many women prefer the most demonic skull. In some cases, couples who want matching skull tattoos, but of a different sex, women prefer smooth the edges to show their feminine side. female skulls tend to be pink and purple color and / or have ribbons and flowers to reduce the demonic charm. Skulls combined with crosses, roses and wings are not only a reminder of mortality, but also the struggle of the soul, resurrection and eternity.

skull tattoos for girls with flower skull tattoos for girls on arm

The Skull tattoos for girls is as popular as ever. In games, literature, film, comics, and of course, tattoos, continues to collect many different meanings and symbolic implications, how artistic and creative imagination of the artist himself. Some models can be fun, a little “implies danger and in danger, but death is always part of the picture.