Small Elephant Tattoo


Animal tattoos are very popular these days because they describe the features that most people are passionate. While tattoos of favorite animals are usually on the wild jungle cats – lion, tiger – elephants regularly require the attention of Small elephant tattoo.

Elephants are strong animals that are met by the ancient cultures of India and Africa. Their strength is legendary and combined with their large size; it is not unusual for ancient civilizations than the great leaders. During the war, they have been used as psychological weapons instill fear in the enemy even before the battle begins.

impression small elephant tattoo designs


picture small elephant tattoo wrist

These animals are revered in India. For them, the elephants represent divinity and kindness. Ganesh, an Indian god is also described as having the head of an elephant. During the Hindu rituals, elephants themselves as important parts of the opportunity. Usually they are immersed and anointed with special oils, as part of the ritual.

Unlike many tattoo designs, the color of the Small elephant tattoo is not always subject to the person’s choice. animal’s natural color which is majorly used by the tattoo artist. An albino elephant also holds great significance for the user. For starters, it is a symbol for the gods and is considered the most sacred of all the elephants. Those who have seen are considered to be lucky with the gods in their favor.

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picture small elephant tattoo on ribs

Aside from their religious connotations, tattoo enthusiast can also choose a tattoo elephant in reference to the animal’s characteristics. For example, when an elephant dies, other elephants will remain next to the body for a few days, as if in mourning. For some, this could be a representation of loyalty. Longevity and loyalty are also other characteristics associated with the elephant that can be used by tattoo enthusiasts when looking for the best ink.

With elephant tattoos not as popular as the other drawings of animals, women may be less likely to use this particular model. After all, there are few signs that suggest a feminine side to the strong and powerful beast. Males are more comfortable with this because of the masculine connotation model to the symbol. Since elephants are usually large, you are often found these tattoo designs that includes a wide area of the skin. Two of the most common places for Small elephant tattoo include the arms and back. However, if a good tattoo artist is able to reduce the size of the symbol without diminishing the quality, then you may have signed on the wrist or ankle.