Small finger tattoos


Tattoos used to be a thing of man, but today more and more women are inked as well. Females are just as daring as men regarding body art and modification. While some women go for sleeves, back or other large drawings, some women prefer the subtlety and simplicity of a Small finger tattoos.

small finger tattoos for girls

Many people opt for something small and delicate their first time, and many times prefer to be in an area that can be covered if needed. Many employers require that the not visible tattoos, so more great designs can be difficult to hide. Rather smaller designs can be very feminine and sexy, it is placed in the right position.

small finger tattoos guy

Some idea of Small finger tattoos investments include ankle or foot area, top of the shoulder, wrist, pelvis, neck, hip, belly button area (This compliments a good navel piercing ) under the ear lobe and upper chest. Do not put a little design ‘in a large area of your body, it makes you appear floating in space and often seems unattractive. Want to make your tattoo stand out and be the focal point of the eye.

small finger tattoos infinity

Depending on what your interests are, here are some ideas for a project. Flowers (not a bunch of flowers, a beautiful but simple flower like a rose, lilies, cherry blossom, daisy, etc …), a cute little animal, a symbol of Chinese or Japanese, dolphin, butterfly, cross, angel , fairy, star, heart, fish, sun or zodiac sign. This is just a basic list of models that work well for small tattoos. Use your imagination to get a unique design that is totally you.

small finger tattoos with meaning small finger tattoos for men

Remember to take your time to decide Small finger tattoos placement and design. Look at the galleries and images to help you find what you like. Small tattoos are sexy, sensual and perfect for the first time. Have fun with it and enjoy your new tattoo.