Small Quote Tattoos


Small quote tattoos for best friends can be hard to come by – but not here. You are about to read the top tattoo quotes for best friends.

Before going into these top tattoo words there are some important things to consider.


Tattoos that feature words instead of pictures are becoming very popular today. Many people feel a tattoo phrase is much more personal and very clear the message they are trying to see.

small quote tattoos on wrist small quote tattoos on hip small quote tattoos for guys

However, the Small quote tattoos, the two words and the image change of the variety over time. As the body ages our skin goes through all kinds of changes: expansion, sagging, shrinking and ultimately wrinkling. Just as a tattoo that is permanently inked on the skin will experience the same changes.

Because of these inevitable changes, it is important to think about the future when getting a Small quote tattoos. You want to make sure that the lettering is such that it will always be readable over the years. If the print is too small letters can bleed together and look like years ink stains on the road.

small quote tattoos for women small quote tattoos for men small quote tattoos for girls

In addition, there are certain parts of the body that are less likely to go through dramatic changes as we get older. These can be the best place for tattoo quotes. It is best to consult a professional tattoo and get their advice on the best places for placement.

Finally, you should look for a tattoo artist who has lived with a written tattoo. This is very different from the art involved in tattoo images. You want someone who can be tattooed letters and words very safe and clear.