Small Simple Tattoos


Most people, when they think about their first tattoo, first start with a Small simple tattoos design that can be placed in a discreet location on the body. Not everyone wants their first body art to be obvious, because it is something new for them, and I’m not so sure that the family, friends or other people will say. Thus, a hummingbird tattoo is very popular as the first body art.

Some of the best places on the body to a small tattoo design is in the feet, ankles, back and neck. Small tattoos are very popular. Did you know that 25% of the population has some form of body art? That’s 1 out of every 4 people! With so many small tattoos, how do you decide what is right for you?

photograph small simple tattoos for girls


impression small simple tattoos on hand

Small simple tattoos are often a striking tattoo design. The drawings that are used for feet tattoos are generally small in size, simple designs, but some can be quite eloquent. Tattoos can be very personal and may reflect different aspects of a person’s personality. People often choose small tattoos, which are very easy to hide, then they will not cause problems at work, for example. The area available for body art on the foot is relatively small, so it’s important to choose a small drawing, like a hummingbird tattoo. If you want to have a tattoo design of complex foot, and are not very concerned about the visibility, you can start your journey and go through with your leg to your size. Hummingbird tattoos with vines and flowers would be a great design.

Small ankle tattoos are usually the first choice for women and girls. Many women choose the first ankle due to the fact that the area can easily be shown or covered. The feet and ankles are also incredibly attractive body parts for men. Many men are already interested in the leg of a woman, and the natural progression is to also look at the ankles and feet.

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Another reason why many women and girls choose the ankle is that they do not want the tattoos that are very large and visible. Ankles, of course, are a relatively small part of the body, so that the tattoo you choose should be of equal size. Hummingbird tattoo is already a great design and small tattoo would fit perfectly in this place.

Small simple tattoos lower back (often called “tramp stamps”) are more common in women. The lower back is a sexual and sensual area and many people as you can see a glimpse of the art of the body at times and complete tattoo when exposed. Although Hummingbird tattoos are very popular, there are things like flowers, dragons, tribal, and other characters that are also popular with regard to small tattoos.