Stomach tattoos for girls


Stomach tattoos for girls , You’re one of the thousands of people who want a tattoo, but are afraid of what your parents, boss or friends would have thought? Do not worry, if you want to be modest about your tattoos you applied in a discrete space that will be seen by those closest to you.

stomach tattoos for girls ideas

1. lower back tattoo. These tattoos are located on the lower back and are very popular with women. They are usually visible when wearing a bikini or a hipster jeans; However, you can show off at will. As with all tattoos, there are advantages and disadvantages with this position. First, the lower back design all about the same. There is little originality. However, if you compensate the drawing on the right or left of the spine or if you add other elements on both sides of the Stomach tattoos for girls, you can become more unique. Another disadvantage of a tattoo on the back is that it is one of the most painful places to receive. In general, if the tattoo is applied closer to the bone, then it will be painful. The more fat / muscle is less painful.

lower stomach tattoos for girls

2. Lower abdominal / stomach tattoo. This is another area not visible to have a tattoo and is one of the hottest places to get one. A tattoo on the lower abdomen / stomach will only be visible when you want it to be seen. It can be considered very sexy and an unexpected surprise for your lover. Unfortunately, it can also be a disadvantage of this type of tattoo. On the one hand, pregnancy or weight gain can change the way the tattoo looks like the abdomen is sure to grow with pregnancy and weight gain. Also, it is harder for the tattoo artist to stretch the body, so be sure to go to a reliable and experienced tattoo artist. In addition, the healing time may take a little more for a tattoo on the lower abdomen / stomach, such as clothes tend to be in constant contact with this area.

small stomach tattoos for girls

3. Tattoo Bra Strap. This is another small area to get a tattoo. Most of the time, nobody will ever know that you have a tattoo, as it is hidden under your bra, but if you want to show, you still have that option. Word or say tattoos work well for this area because it is a long, narrow space. Carefully choose this Stomach tattoos for girls so be aware if you decide to wear a strapless dress. A disadvantage to this position for a tattoo is that this area usually comes in direct contact with the clothes, which can irritate the tattoo and causes an increased healing time.

side stomach tattoos for girls

4. wrists. The inside of the wrist is another popular spot for a small tattoo. This can be covered with jewels, if they wish, or performed as “jewels”. It could be a kind of tribal tattoo or maybe a butterfly. This is another place on the body that is close to the bone and can be a bit painful when applied. Keep in mind, this tattoo will be harder to hide.

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