Third Eye Tattoo


It is said that the flash Egyptian Third eye tattoo was marked for women, despite negative feedback from many people before. The people at the beginning of Egypt used tattoos to determine the level of their social status in their society.

The early Egyptians used hieroglyphics to write their language, which is based on known objects from images Third eye tattoo. Egyptian tattoo styles were made on the basis of their writing in which each image has a certain symbolism. There are many tattoo enthusiasts who enjoyed the exquisite designs of Egyptian tattoos and continue to attract people so far.

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The Ankh symbolizes the breath of life, and this is just a different Egyptian tattoo available. The meaning behind this symbol has been said by Egyptologists to be unclear, but occultists gave details on its meaning. The vertical line represents the holism and the horizontal line is the outside world.

Another famous figure of the Egyptian Third eye tattoo is the Eye of Horus or also known as the Eye of Ra, where is the path to enlightenment. The left eye corresponds to the negative things and the right positive and when this cross, they only see an object. This only implies that the good and the bad side of things they need one another in order to see more clearly the beauty of nature.

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The Bastet were known at the beginning of Egypt to be the goddess of protection, health and pleasure where his physical aspects were half of the body of a woman, but with the head of a cat. The Bastet could also connotes fertility that is related to childbirth and this figure is one of the closest to the ancient Egyptian era. Surely, many tattoo lovers prefer this design where it could be in a better position on the parts of the shoulders, back and stomach.