Tiger Tattoo Designs


It is true that the tiger is one of the most powerful symbols of strength and beauty. The samurai of Japan used the tiger as an emblem. In the modern world, tattoo tiger designs have been popular since the 90s Since this style was popular for so long, it is important to find a project that has not been exaggerated. If you get a generic search Tiger tattoo designs, there is a good chance that you will regret later. It is the symbol of a tiger really in your heart? If so, then you must know how to find an original tattoo design that is inspired by … you can be proud to show the rest of your life.

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It is a tiger tattoo for you? Tiger tattoos by their nature, are usually the largest designs. really think about it … not the energy of this symbol deeply resonates with you? The tiger as a symbol is open to personal interpretation, but here are some common meanings:

Tiger symbolic meaning

* Power and courage
* Beauty and pride
* The passion and sensuality
* Purity of heart

You definitely do not want to get a Tiger tattoo designs because it looks cool or trendy. Make sure that the symbol has a deeper personal meaning for you before you commit. Think before you ink!

If you are committed to a tiger tattoo … cool! The time has come to examine the different styles available. There are many style options to consider, and that will not go over all of them here. But here are some that tend to go well with tiger design:

Tiger tattoo styles

Tribal tiger. The dark lines in bold in the tribal style very well with tiger stripes. A simple look, but very masculine and powerful can capture the big cat move.

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Dragon / Tiger Tattoo. This is a classic combination of Yin / Yang found in Asian culture. The dragon symbolizes protection (female or yin energy) and the tiger symbolizes strength (male or yang energy.)

flower tattoos. For a more feminine and elegant look, Japanese flowers in combination with an elegant design Tiger is looking very attractive.

Ok, now you have some good ideas about the meaning of Tiger tattoo designs and different style ideas … but where do you find a great looking tattoo that is not the same old boring designs you see everywhere?

First, do not waste your time wading through the sea of generic images that you see on these sites. Most of these models are very old. In addition, most of these designs have never been designed to be used as tattoo art. They are only random images that have been added to the database. Some of these designs may look cool on paper, but will not look the same when it inked on your body.

Only go to the tattoo professional websites showing up the art of online tattoo. These sites serve fresh designs created by professional tattoo artists … artists who know how to create tattoo tiger designs that look great on the body and are also original.