Traditional Japanese Tattoo


There are many different meanings that are marked at the same time, Traditional Japanese tattoo. Japan has always had a wide and varied history, and many of these images is in Japanese tattoos a visually stimulating very attractive and carrying a symbolic meaning with it.

Dating back some of the first points of history, Japanese tattoos are some of the oldest known models. They are known for the lines of force that it takes so much impact, historical images of the important points in the past, and intricate designs of Japanese traditions, the complexity and beauty of the designs differ.

impression traditional japanese tattoo for girls


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photograph traditional japanese tattoo designs

The art of decorating the body with historical importance of symbols and images has been practiced in Japan for well over 10,000 years. The symbolic significance of the tattoos is also of great importance in traditional Japanese tattoo.

In the embryonic days of the Japanese tattoo were handmade, these craft needles are called “Tebori”.

Some of the most popular and sought after Traditional Japanese tattoo are beasts with the legendary stature as phoenixes, dragons and Kirin. The image of his wife geisha is also very popular and well known Koi fish. Even Japanese flowers and trees are another big demand.

Tattooing was banned in 1870, the Japanese government has tried to impress the West, and she felt completely illegal tattoo was a step in the right direction at this point. The tattoo is left alone as a practice that provides underground Japanese Japanese tattoos who have loved and do not like the look of traditional Japanese tattoos.

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Even the practice in 1945 in this case legalize, Japan has never shaken the darkest insinuations of criminal groups, such as the switch mafia “Yakuza” organized also in the negative zone, tattoos were associated with petty criminals, and prostitutes who used tattoos to draw some customers.

Due to the fineness of detail and complexity involved with Japanese tattoos, they can be expensive and time consuming to make. For someone in the various aspects and elements of Japanese culture that combines different themes may be desirable, such as a mixture of cherry blossoms, Samurai Warriors Koi fish known classics and Japanese mythological creatures like the phoenix. Traditional Japanese tattoo are a great choice if you want a classy tattoo, interesting and timeless that invokes images of tranquility, beauty and strength, and can also symbolize the history and symbolism of a fascinating and charismatic culture.