Traditional owl tattoo


Tattoos are a unique symbolic language that is designed to encode information about the person he is. Their meaning is not divulged to the uninitiated and are impossible to decode unless experienced firsthand. This language is very socialized, and uses common symbols and words that were initially no association or criminal sense: animals, churches, angels, etc. Traditional full criminal tattoo says that the person who is part of the inner circle of the mafia, which has a status of this world, and has won each tattoo wearing. Putting Traditional owl tattoo that do not are earned and not earned it is severely punished in the criminal society.

traditional owl tattoo arm

criminals tattoos say everything about the wearer: his biography, “occupation” criminal, the time spent in prison, social status, sexual orientation, plans for the future, etc. Since criminals are very superstitious, sometimes tattoos have a meaning guard. There are also special types of symbols that are tattooed by force a violent and painful way as a punishment. Not only the symbol has a meaning, but also where you are tattooed. For example, a Traditional owl tattoo on his chest means power and authority, while the same symbol on the back means humiliation. Every detail is present or absent on the tattoo, it is also significant.

traditional owl tattoo men

The most popular tattoo images are criminals:

Animals, especially cats: tigers, lions, leopards, too, bears, wolves, wild boars – the power and ambition of management; the image of a wild boar on a woman says that the wearer is a lesbian. Cat means the wearer is a thief.

traditional owl tattoo meaning

Birds – the wearer loves freedom.

Eagle – the king, the head of the Mafia elite. Aquila with a suitcase in his claws – escaped from prison.

Churches – mainly associated with the prison. The number of domes of church means that the length or the number of sections.

Knife – revenge, the victim. Knife with a snake around it is usually tattooed for the elite of the Mafia.

traditional owl tattoo designs traditional owl tattoo women

Traditional owl tattoo – a symbol of pessimism and death. The owner thinks of imminent death or wants to die.

Roses – symbol of love, sexuality or religion. Usually it says that the person is religious or seeking carnal pleasures.

Skull crown – the elite of the Mafia, the person seeking leadership.