Traditional Tattoo Sleeve


You want to get a tattoo? Dissatisfied with the tattoo design? You want to make a single statement? So, opt for new and fresh Traditional tattoo sleeve designs.

A tattoo sleeve is considered one of the most visible tattoos. Traditional tattoo sleeve are now more and more popular, especially among those who play in rock bands (or those who dream of playing in rock bands). The boys are not just the only ones to get this type of tattoo design, but women are also in this type of tattoo. Sleeve designs that wrap around the arm, covering the shoulder to the elbow are called half-sleeve tattoos. Designs that wrap around the arm and extending to the wrist are known as full sleeve tattoos.

image traditional tattoo sleeve women


impression traditional tattoo sleeve ideas


picture traditional tattoo sleeve black and white

Designs can vary, though, depending on your taste in tattoos. design sleeves, being the most visible, it should be performed with care. You need to do some research, think about the design and the effect you want carefully before getting inked.

Some of the common sleeve tattoos include:

Japanese sleeve tattoo designs

Japanese art is really extraordinary. Their designs are not only very beautiful, but they have a meaning as well. Among the most famous models are the fish Koi sleeve tattoo designs of dragons and traditional design Samurai.

image traditional tattoo sleeve girl


picture traditional tattoo sleeve leg

tribal tattoo designs sleeves

These designs are often preferred by kids who want more masculine designs. In addition, if the kids want to use drawings of flowers, they usually mixing the flower in a tribal tattoo sleeve design to make it more masculine effect. tribal design can help you make a bold statement because of his heavy black.

Celtic tattoo designs sleeves

The complex design Celtic knot work cross is usually presented in such a tattoo. A knotwork usually covers the entire arm, and some artists to create different designs that use only knotwork making it unique complex.

When you get a Traditional tattoo sleeve, it is useful to choose an existing template as a first step. Then you can add more details to this design later to make your own. Let your creative side loose and express your inner personality. This type of body art is in fact one of the most creative ways to express your “true” self.