White Mountain Tattoo


The White mountain tattoo artist must remain all the time inside the circle, and the only thing you have to tell him is to keep his mind clear, if all thoughts come to mind that it must stop the tattoo take a deep breath and just go back to focus on the lines he does. While you must keep in mind the importance of it and keep asking God present in this ritual for protection and guidance. It can not be the same entity as present in the first ritual. Remember to accept that those who come and do not ask because the other is not there … I guess I do not have to explain why, do I?

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As mentioned earlier the place to tattoo the seal or symbol must be as hidden as possible. It is certainly not a tattoo to show.

One of the strange things about these tattoos is that they do not hurt. You will not even hear the process is going, and how my tattoo artist told me the experience that he heard something really powerful, as if the lines have led instead of driving lines. Usually, the process is very fast, the place could hurt afterwards, as is normal when you get a White mountain tattoo, but it probably will not hurt much less in some cases, not at all bad. One thing that is not common with these tattoos is for them to get infected; healing is very fast, as if the skin just accepts and absorbs easily the registration.

If the White mountain tattoo artist has experience with the old ways or not is not really relevant. Maybe he really is better if it is just a very open minded person. The most important thing is that you believe in what you do. Be serious, because you will lead a ritual, do not feel shy and pay tons of attention to detail. You are responsible for the protection of the circle.

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You will have to tell him before hand that it is a ritual tattoo done and be part of a ritual to cast the circle before tattoos on you. You should feel comfortable. If it does not, it’s not your guy.

The study must be empty, and you are the artist. Nobody can tell the direction of the image, especially if it is a joint. Try to do it in a quiet moment, telephones or people knocking on the door.

You follow the same procedure used to launch the initial circle, but this time instead of blessing drawing materials will be asked for the blessing of the place, the ink and the hands of the artist.