White Pride Tattoos


White pride tattoos In prison, a tattoo design usually indicates three things on a detainee. Who he is, where he was and what he did. The symbolism of the criminal tattoos and prison was a real interest in some detail to the police.

Tattoos that are made in prison are generally free hand in ink of a pen. A sewing needle is used to form a word or an image. Condemned also made a tattoo machine of a guitar string, a pen and a nine-volt battery.

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The police sometimes use an image watermark to identify suspects and parolees. For example, a gun shot down means that man prefers to be armed. Tattoo images of towers, walls and barbed wire means that a person has been in prison for a short period of time. For inmates, their decision to have tattoos recalled the dangers and difficulties inside the prison.

Here are the lists of some of the symbols associated with conventional prison tattoo pictures:

1. A clock without hands, spiders and cobwebs on the shoulders means making time

2. Tombstones with numbers is the number of years that are, or have been in prison

3. Tombstones with R.I.P. and the numbers are mourning the death of a friend who died in prison.

4. 8 balls means to be behind the eight ball or bad luck.

5. A face laughing and crying face symbolizes that the wearer is a member of a band, play now, pay later.

6. The SWP also means anagrams Supreme White Power

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7. The word means featherwood female White Pride Peckerwood while the word is the white male pride

8. 100% pure white is a symbol of White pride tattoos

9. A woman’s face crying there someone they love is waiting for him outside the prison.

10. The image of a window of the cell with a sun or a means of birds waiting to get out.

11. The bricks fall out it means that a prisoner inside want to get out.

White pride tattoos image of a prisoner is not just the sins they have to pay in prison, but also holds a deeper meaning for them. the tattoo of a person is not only a reflection of being, but also the expression or feelings that describe the phases of a person’s life.