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White rabbit tattoo , Chinese Zodiac tattoos are gaining the attention of tattoo lovers – Western and Eastern alike – worldwide. While all are mainly used for divination, the zodiac signs are very unique and vary from one culture to another. What distinguishes the symbols of the Chinese zodiac apart from others, is that they do not correspond to cycles in the year; nor do they correspond to the constellations. Instead, the Chinese zodiac signs correspond to a cycle over twelve years.

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In addition, the Chinese Zodiac incorporate metal elements, wood, fire, earth and water. These five elements are associated with a zodiac sign, and as such, provide sixty possible variations of interpretation of personality. This, for other reasons, is more individualized Chinese zodiac tattoos and just the right thing for a very personal White rabbit tattoo.

In addition to the elements and animals, the Chinese zodiac also assigns a different color for each year. The colors are classified by the rods and refer to the elements. The metal is white, the water is black, the wood is green, fire is red, and the earth is brown.

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The choice of a Chinese zodiac tattoo is preparing more to the symbolism of the identity and expression, rather than a manifestation of what we value in life, because it responds closely to an individual, which leaves very little room for generalization. As a White rabbit tattoo design choice, a symbol of the Chinese zodiac represent the year of your birth, your element, and can mean nothing else. Whether you are Chinese, Asian or Caucasian. Also, it does not matter if Chinese astrology is part of a personal belief system. Still, the choice of Chinese zodiac signs as tattoo designs can often be surprisingly revealing – provides an overview of how living the tattoo wearer sees his own personality.