White tattoos on black skin


In the first place, there are two distinct types of tattoos is now white. It ‘made with white ink only, will be slightly visible under natural light and is permanent. The other is with white UV ink black light and could not be at once completely cured and may or may not last long.

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The first type is made with only the ink of the White tattoos on black skin, normal. There are many brands of white ink on the market today and new brands are appearing all the time. Starbright brands like Millenium “mothers”, Kuro Sumi, Fantasy, eternal, Iron Butterfly, and other use mainly titanium white pigment provided in a carrier fluid. The transport fluid is usually made of glycerin, witch hazel, alcohol and / or water. the FDA has not approved at the time of injection for inks under the human skin. But in the market, we expect this to change in the near future. Some inks are sold as opaque white, while others are intended to be used as an agent with other mixing colors to lighten or darken the base color, just as is the case when color staining of the paint. as a professional tattoo artist for many years, my experience has been that these inks are great when used in small areas, such as a pink edge, as accents on the edges of the elements and of the reflection points on the elements to be representative of reflections. But experience has also taught that these White tattoos on black skin when used in larger areas do not tend to keep well and tend to disappear completely in a year or less depending on the amount of that area of the skin is exposed to sunlight.

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Historically, the tattoo artist did not even have access to the white ink up there about 30 years. He did not even existed before that time. Thus, areas that were white in a design usually are left bare skin when the tattoo was done. Some things like the teeth of a skull, white roses, bones, etc. usually are shaded with a variety of gray then highlighted with White tattoos on black skin to give the visual impression of something white. Many tattoo flash designers (designs) tattoo artists today do not, do not take into account the fact that white does not take it well into the skin in large areas for a long time, and pieces of graphic design that require large areas of white ink and applied in the design. Many tattoo artists will try to advise their clients that may be pale blue, pale, pale yellow violet can be used to white right place, because with just a small amount of another pigment added to the vacuum in the region tends to last longer and delay better.

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