White Tiger Tattoo


Tigers represent various features – virility, strength, power, arrogance, pride, passion and royalty, among others. Tigers symbolize different things across cultures. But above all, the Tigers have an important role to play in Indian cultures, Chinese and Japanese. Since tigers are these majestic animals, they are one of the higher animals people want to get White tiger tattoo with.

Tigers in Indian culture


They are found in the Indian subcontinent and are now an endangered species. Indians believe some of their gods used to travel on the tiger a place. It is a revered animal and is also regarded as the national animal of India. People who choose to have a tattoo of tigers in India hoping to get some of their majesty and ferocity in themselves.

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Tigers culture Vietnam

They feared many in Vietnam and many villages had temples for the Tigers as they were considered sacred there. The tigers have attacked villages and Vietnamese believe that worshiping the creature, which could save their country of anger. White tiger tattoo in Vietnam are used to ward off evil spirits and represent the character.

Tigers in Chinese culture

Chinese believe the tiger to be the king of all animals, not the lion. His are the yang side of things and are associated with the powerful energy. They also believe that it is the protector of the dead, and often tigers are tattooed on the tombstones, as well as a symbol that their souls rest in peace now. Tiger tattoos in Chinese culture represent prosperity, respect, power, energy, protection, generosity and enlightenment. Chinese myths say that there are five types of tigers that balance the energy in the cosmos and prevent total chaos in the universe, which are:

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Black Tiger – Adjust the water elements of nature and the rules during the winter season.
Blue Tiger – governs elements of the lands of nature and the rules during the spring season.
Red Tiger – governs fire elements of nature and the rules during the summer season.
White Tiger – governs the metallic elements of nature and the rules during the autumn season.
Yellow Tiger – Rules all tigers above and is the symbol of the sun.

Tigers in Japanese culture

Although they are rarely found in Japan, they play a very important role in the field of Japanese arts. White tiger tattoo represent different things in different periods of Japanese culture. They have gained a dominant position in the Edo period in Japan, where Japanese men are struggling to make a name for them. Since Japanese artists have strength accurate observations of tigers, their art can be very abstract and unique. In Japan, they represent the domination, aggression and goal orientation.